Art Deco Interior Design

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Art Deco Interior Design consists of: 

  • Smooth walls with rounded corners,
  • Parquet or tile floors with geometric designs,
  • Mirrored wall panels, glass block windows, and room dividers,
  • Modern furniture including mirrored or veneer façade,
  • Colour palette is bold; often black and white with bright accents,
  • Geometric patterns, including chevrons and sunbursts, are often incorporated into the design,
  • Layered lighting: which is essential in creating the right atmosphere. Sconces and torchères beam light up or down to cast a flattering, sultry glow,
  • Polished and shiny chrome or brass fixtures,
  • Geometric shapes. Angular patterns, stepped designs and bold curves all highlight the look,
  • Furniture: lacquer, polished wood and metal, and glossy paint combine for a slick and gleaming effect,
  • Sprinkle glass and mirrored pieces throughout an art deco room to add to the reflective quality,
  • Graphic patterns and sleek textures. Mix vinyl, silk and satin for layers of tactile interest; choose rugs, carpets and upholstery with geometric, rhythmic motifs.