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Home Renovation Guide Singapore

  1. Must have 3D drawing in order to proceed

Home owners must first ask for 3D drawing of their desired home from interior designers. Interior designers will sketch and prepare the 3D drawing according to the preferences of design concepts of home owners. Another important point is home owners and interior designers must have a discussion beforehand so that interior designers will have a better understanding on what the home owners actually want. Both parties shall have a two-way communication as any misinterpretations might affect the whole project progress and job scopes.


  1. Find an experienced interior design firm

A good interior design firm can reduce home owners’ worries and troubles. They shall be professional enough to provide you information in interior design and renovation tips and guidance.


Are You Planning Your Home Renovation ?

The following factors you need to consider when your planing your home renovation.

  1. Budget – Budget is one of the most important point in planning a renovation project.
  2. Design concept – Home owners must be clear of the design concept they want.
  3. Find a trustworthy Interior Design firm – Home owners may look for good interior designs firms through word of mouth, online reviews, professional and reliable renovation portal.



Don’t Rush Your Renovation

Do not ever rush your renovation project as it will affect the quality of your house. Once confirmed the design concept, it is better not to change in order to prevent delay in the schedule of whole renovation project. It is also not a good idea to find interior design firm at the very last moment as it might cause you a lot of troubles. Home owners may look for reliable interior design firm by going through the reviews of interior design firms online or through referral.


When to Start Planning Your Renovation ?

It is recommended to start planning for their renovation project, search for interior design firms, deciding on their design concepts so on and so forth six months before the renovation project starts.


Comparing Renovation Packages

There are a few important issues to be taken into account:

  1. Budget
  • Make sure there is no hidden costs
  • If the price is much cheaper, you shall be aware of the quality
  1. Quality of materials
  • The quality of the materials shall come with a reasonable price
  1. Workmanship
  • The skills of the renovation worker is another important element in choosing your interior design firm.

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How to Choose the Right Interior Design firm for Your Home Renovation ?

Consider the following factors when you choosing the interior designer for your home renovation.

  1. Background of Interior Design Firm
  2. Experience of Interior Designer
  3. Attitude of Interior Designer


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