HDB Interior Design


Living in HDB residences are generally comfortable. However, units may look drab and boring. The unit you own looks exactly the same as your neighbour. This problem can easily be solved. You can actually add personal preferences to flats. You can redesign them according to individual taste. Who doesn’t want their living space to look bigger? While the sizes of HDB flats are becoming smaller, we will need to find ways to enlarge living spaces visually and physically. Here are some simple ways you can make your HDB living room look bigger using HDB interior design.


The right lighting not only serves to brighten a room, it plays a part in boosting its style factor as well. The rustic barn-inspired doors that open into the bath space keep this part of the home visually appealing. Everything a homeowner needs in a bath space: plenty of storage space, a well-lit interior, and a sizeable mirror to ensure you start off the day right.

Living Room

Separate your dining area from the living space with something simple and functional like this living room’s style. The divider acts as a makeshift table, a bookshelf, and a support for the stairs to the loft. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s useful as well.

Wood-textured or rustic-style furnishings

Along with the floor, wooden or rustic-style furnishings make up the Scandinavian look. Think wooden cupboards and tables from Ikea, green potted plants, exposed brick-textured walls and the occasional stylish lamp or earthen pot as a decorative showpiece. Of course, don’t overdo it and turn your HDB interior design into a medieval cottage or an outback ranch. If the floor is already wood-textured, you can ease off the rustic feel and introduce some modern designer lamps, or have a colourful bookshelf to vary the pattern a bit. We do our own carpentry & we have designer to design the entire space, style, and concept.

Get rid of unwanted clutter to create more space

Sometimes, your home can feel cluttered because there’s too much furniture or loads of unnecessary possessions littered around the house. Why not try this unique HDB interior design idea of rearranging the furniture around and get rid of any unwanted possessions cluttering your home, as well as make use of windows/ mirror to create some spaciousness throughout your home.

Kitchen & Bathroom

For the kitchen, it’s best to keep the décor clean and functional. This is the place where food is prepared. Hence, the interior design has to be modern, minimal and created to make appliances/cooking essentials readily available. A brand new countertop or a kitchen backsplash can transform the appearance of the kitchen completely. The same applies to the installation of new cabinets or the renovation of the existing ones. Old cabinets can easily be sanded, painted or varnished to look brand new again. If you want to free up some space and make the kitchen look more spacious, you should definitely opt for built-in cabinets. Bathroom can highlight on new tiles/ overlay tiles, shower screen, vanity cabinet, paint HDB big pipes to match the theme etc.

Use Glass Partitions/ Mirror

If you want to enlarge a room but still value privacy, you might want to consider using glass partitions. Instead of having an opaque divider, opt for a translucent one to enlarge the look of the room while keeping the area enclosed for personal use. This is a great idea for separating a study or work area with the living room without compromising on the visual look of the room. Mirror make space bigger and brighter, play around with the design etc.


With an open mind, you can open yourself to a whole new world. HDB Interior design can improve quality of life as well as work surroundings. Many businesses that open hire an interior designer in order to make their business more aesthetically pleasing to both employees as well as clients. Restaurants also use specialized interior designers in order to draw the customer in and make them think they are hungry. Interior design can also be used to make life easier for the elderly and the disabled by incorporating user-friendly aspects of the home or environment.


If you in need of best bedroom design or bathroom decor or interior design in Singapore then get in touch with us and we assure you best service at competitive rates.

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