House Interior Design

house interior design

Fashion isn’t just about what we wear. It’s about how we style our homes too. Fashion trends run well beyond the runway to influence what’s hot for our house interior design. When it comes to decorating your home in Singapore, you should know about the latest house interior design ideas to incorporate your home to keep it looking modern and up-to-date, which is a crucial factor in real estate regarding the resale value of your home.

Want to find about more on the house interior design myths in Singapore? Dealing with your interior design can be tricky. This job can be very easy, but it can be very complicated and difficult as well, especially if you don’t know what to do. But when you understand the basic principle of decorating your house, you should be able to do the task easily without jeopardizing the look of your personal living space.

There is not much expression of creativity when looked upon from the outside as due to functionality, HDBs and condominiums are built upwards to save space and may appear plain and uninteresting. The wealthy few are able to live in bungalows, where they have the opportunity to choose how their houses look like from the outside.

The trend of keeping things simple and minimalistic is still going strong. That’s because when designing your interior, focusing on comfort, quality and coziness is most important. A home that’s cluttered with too many things from furniture to wall décor feels stifling and suffocating. Keep it simple by staying away from large furniture pieces that can make your space feel cramped.

False ceilings look good but can easily overwhelm a small space. Why not focus on the lighting and simple décor like apartment? Not only do pendant lights look good, but they are also incredibly functional. With drop down pendant lights that hang inches from the table, replacing light bulbs (or cleaning) will no longer be a problem for house interior design.

Marble grains add to the texture and pattern in a neutral-themed space, creating a subtle visual interest without being too provocative. We like how they are used here in the flooring and feature wall of this living room. The full-length, clear glass doors separating the balcony from the communal spaces was a stroke of genius—the gorgeous view of the ocean seems closer to the apartment than before.

Wood is a wonderful neutral to play around with. Grain patterns give interest, while playing around with different tones of wood can also add depth to a neutral-themed space. There are lots of wood used in this apartment, but the space still feels three-dimensional thanks to the use of different kinds of wood. The TV feature wall for instance features a bold, dark wood which juxtaposes against the light wood flooring. The walk-in wardrobe takes on a more greyish, masculine wood tone that creates a sophisticated feel to the space.

The sofa of your dreams and other furniture pieces only comes in a few colours but your paint doesn’t. Picking out your furniture sets helps narrow down the best room colour to match your furnishings. There’s nothing wrong with being creative, but if every room is different in colour like a rainbow card. You’re probably overdoing it. Your home should have a cohesive feel by choosing 3 base colours to use and opting for different hues.

If you like the idea of using partitions to demarcate spaces without having to visually divide the rooms, why not use glass walls? Not only do they bring a sleek modern feel to your home, but they also allow more light to flow in, making your place seem much larger than it really is!

Here’s a trick to easily make the room more spacious: swap out the big shades on your lamp for smaller ones. This is even better for table lamps that have spindly bases – you get rid of the bulkiness that takes up even more space in your room. Also, creative use of lighting can seem to add more square meters to your room. Highlight the high ceilings with drop down lamps, or add wall lighting fixtures on shadowed areas. Better yet, open up your windows to let natural light in.

The trend for decorative indoor plants is growing steadily into the hearts of many homeowners. Expect to find lush greenery weaving its magic into the homes of the urban jungle. Besides ornamental plants, a miniature herb garden at the sunniest spot of your kitchen countertop makes a delightful and functional decoration for your house interior design. These small potted herbs bring a fresh perspective to the home as well as a delicious addition to your cooking. For those who love cold industrial contemporary elements, you can balance it with the organic touch of greenery to liven up the space. Indoor plants are not only decorative, they literally breathe life into the home during the day. Just be sure to shower them with lots of love and adequate water.

The strong presence of Scandinavian elements is beginning to diminish as 2019 embraces the fluid lines of contemporary home décor. The rustic woody features which were in vogue will take a backseat to make way for sleeker patterns and textures. But this doesn’t necessarily connote the entire demise of rustic elements. This year will witness an overlapping of different elements – rustic, industrial and luxe all share a combined spotlight along the blurred lines of modern simplicity. This provides homeowners with more flexibility when designing and decorating their homes.


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