How to choose right interior designer firm in Singapore

You have plenty of options when it comes to finding a professional interior design firm in Singapore. With so many reviews and forums to sieve through, deciding on an interior design firm in Singapore can be a daunting process. With online search, you will get to know about which are good firms but selecting the firm for your home needs more than this. You need consider few factors for selecting the right interior deign firm. After all, not all firms are equal in terms of quality and professionalism. Ask the following questions yourself before choosing an interior design firm.

Is the interior design firm accredited?

Quick online search will show you if your interior design firm in certified or not. You need to check what are certification they had. Therefore, by working with a licensed firm, you can rest assured that you will get the best value for your money.

How much experience does the interior design firm have?

It is always better to choose the experienced firm for you home interior design. Therefore, you need to select a firm that has the experience and capability to execute the type of the design you are seeking.

What are the big projects they handled so far?

It is also related with experience but its something related to quality and not years. You will get the ideas from the projects they handled.

What contractors does the interior design company work with?

It is always preferred to go with a firm that uses their own contractors and factory. There will be an issue with subcontractors as when something goes wrong they wont adjust within the quotation instead they increase the total amount in quotation.

What is the exact timeline of the project?

It is important to have clear idea on timeline of the project. Firm will give you timeframe for the project based on the client’s preference after the discussion. Entire timeline can be divided into multiple phase. You need to check the outcome after each phase. Timeline always depends on the client’s design expectation.

How is their interior designer’s approach?

Before selecting interior design firm, its better to visit the firm and have small discussion with them to know about their interior designers. The way they approach , listening our requirement and suggesting the solution can impact on selecting the right interior design firm.

What style does the interior designer specialise in?

Different interior designers have different strengths and design tastes. Some designers may expert in kitchen design than bathroom design, however all designers are flexible with different styles. For analysing the interior design specialities, you need to check the past work. Not choosing the right interior designer might harm your home interior design plans.

Can pay big deposit upfront?

Its not the matter how much your quoted price , you should never ask to pay big deposit upfront. Standard deposit amount is about 25% of total price, it might differ from firm to firm. Be aware of firm who ask to make a deposit without any contract signed. You need read the paperwork carefully before signing.

Can I trust the firm who quote very low price?

This is true in interior design firm that scammers quoting you very low price saying special packages that’s valid today if not making initial deposit. Never go for the firm which quote you very low price because for your safety you need to have quality products. Always check the quotation and check for price range in the industry and never trust the firm which rush to make an initial payment on that day.

What warranty/insurance coverage does the interior design company offer?

Always be sure to ask about the terms and conditions regarding the guarantees. Before signing the contract , make sure you read the warrant coverage terms.

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