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Modern Interior Design VS. Contemporary Interior Design

What the difference between modern interior design and contemporary interior design? People easy to confuse between both interior designs, but the two are very different. Modern interior design related to era in design history, while contemporary interior design related to now and future.

Modernism started in the late 19th century and it continues until today, especially in architecture and interior design sector. Modern interior design often features natural materials and neutral or earthier. Think unpainted wood, stone, metals, leather and monochromatic colours. The concept of modernism was following minimalism, balance and clean lines. The contemporary interior design demonstrates innovative and new with technological advancement. Its higher status trend to be chop and change fantasticality with less reply on one particular design style. Contemporary designs air on the eclectic since it tends to take inspiration and styling cues from different eras.

Most of the decors featuring modern interior design and designs have its function and purpose, while contemporary decorative pieces were more aesthetic than functional.

Modern space focuses on minimalism, people often apply natural and warm neutrals colour. Most modern spaces don’t require a stark and cool tone. In the other hand, contemporary design unrestrained such as black, grey and white or mix with another bright colour, combine into harmony.

Modern interior designed furniture prefers simple, straight and clean lines, its surface always is smooth with little ornamentation. And the horizontal furniture is always made of natural materials like unpainted wood, leathers, steel, chrome or glass. Structural elements like concrete or beams are also often left exposed. In contemporary design, the furniture’s favours comfort and complexion with a novelty look. Metals, such as stainless steel, nickel, and chrome widely used in furniture pieces boasting a contemporary style concept. Furthermore, a contemporary living space is lost without its core –technology. The designs of today have to be innovated and also keep abreast of trends in technology.

Modern space design colours have an earthier hue and feature shades such as turquoise, rust, brown and olive greens. In Singapore, contemporary interior design house tends to stick to a stricter palate of black, white and grey. They will pick other colours brought in, but these colours are often pure and saturated tones like red, pink, indigo, and orange.

There is a lot of popular modern design in Singapore such as Minimalism, Mid-Century Modern, Modern French, Japanese Style, Old-School Singapore, Modern Farmhouse, Chinoiseries Chic and Urban Loft. While contemporary designs are relating to other styles because contemporary interior design is always evolving. The designer was given free rein in the contemporary interior. For example, Contemporary + Modern, Contemporary + Traditional, Contemporary + Eclectic, Contemporary + Rustic, etc.

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