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Retail Shop Interior Design Services

Albedo Design, as a retail interior designer in Singapore, creates a thematic experience for the consumer, by using spatial cues to entertain as well as entice the consumer to purchase goods and interact with the space. The success of our Retail Shop Interior Design is not measured by design critics but rather the records of the store which compare amount of foot traffic against the overall productivity.


There are many commonalities between commercial interior design and retail shop interior design:

·         Represent brand’s values.

·         Support marketing and sales activities, and facilitate commercial transactions.

·         Allow customers to feel and function, get consultation with in-store experts.

·         Provide a positive and active environment for customers.

·         Improve workflows and productivity.

·         Display merchandise effectively and accessibly.

·         Ensure the safety and security of workers, shoppers and merchandise.

·         Afford adequate space for merchandise storage and non-customer-facing staff activities.

One of the most important features for retail shop interior design is interactive shopping experiences. For example, if you are operating a sport business, the shop interior design should include areas like bike trying area, golf equipment area and etc.

We have an acute awareness that the store and their designs are the background to the merchandise and are only there to represent and create the best possible environment in which to reflect the merchandise to the target consumer group. Please contact our Retail Space Designer team for retail interior design services. If you in need of best interior decoration or renovation in Singapore then get in touch with us and we assure you best service at competitive rates.